The Clearing Bloggers

The Clearing is a a residential inpatient program in the Pacific Northwest that offers non 12-step, dual diagnosis programs in Washington state. They regularly post excellent blogs for the addiction recovery community on their website.

Miscellaneous Information
Detailed Description

The Clearing is the only licensed treatment program in the United States presenting a 28-day residential wellness program to a group of ten individuals who will begin and end the session together. The advantages of a cohort are extraordinary. You’ll learn to effectively resolve the issues holding you back in life in unison with others as you feel the safety and trust of a stable, supportive and equally dedicated community around you. The most significant advantage is you will be uninterrupted by the distraction of others abruptly joining or departing throughout your stay.

Professional, courteous and respectful with a well-documented, proven record of success, The Clearing is serious treatment for motivated people.

They remind us that we are all Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. They are grateful to the bloggers who open up about their lives in recovery; their work reminds us that we are all connected, and that we never walk alone.