Neurotics Anonymous

Neurotics Anonymous is a group of 12 step fellowship who comes together to solve their emotional problems by following the Alcoholics Anonymous recovery program adapted for N / A. Neurotics Anonymous exists for the sole purpose of helping mentally and emotionally disturbed individuals to recover from their illness and maintain their recovery.

Detailed Description

There are no charges or fees for being a member of Neurotics Anonymous or for the help of N / A. Recovered individuals help those who continue to suffer. Everyone is welcome to the open meetings of Neurotics Anonymous.

If you are one of the several million people who suffer from the nation’s number one public health problem, mental and emotional illness, the Neurotics Anonymous fellowship offers help for you, even if everything you’ve tried has failed to get you relief. They talk about their personal experiences. We suffered from severe mental and emotional illness for years – depression, anxiety, loneliness, fear, and other torturous emotions. Many of us had years in psychiatry, medical treatment, and religious instruction; we were taking thousands of tranquilizers, anti depressants, sleeping pills and other medicines; we were in and out of hospitals; We attempted suicide – and we found a way out of the disease. They would like to give you this way out of illness so that you, too, can find the full, rich, happy, and rewarding life that they have found.