Chemically Dependent Anonymous

Chemically Dependent Anonymous is a 12-step fellowship for anyone seeking freedom from drug and alcohol addiction. We of CDA do not make distinctions in the recovery process based on any particular substance. The basis of our program is abstinence from all mood-changing and mind-altering chemicals, including street-type drugs, alcohol and unnecessary medication.

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The primary purpose of CDA as a whole is to remain clean and to help others like them gain recovery. By sharing their Experience, Strength, and Hope with each other, they solve their common problem and help others recover from chemical dependence which has made their lives unmanageable. Their program was designed for the still-suffering, chemically dependent person who would otherwise have nowhere to turn. Because of the all-inclusive nature of their organization, they can open the door to recovery for anyone who has a sincere desire to be free from self-destructive chemical usage. The only requirement for membership in CDA is the desire to abstain from all chemicals, including all street-type drugs, alcohol, and unnecessary medication. There are no dues or fees for membership. They are self-supporting through their own voluntary contributions. All their meetings are open ones. CDA is not affiliated with any political, religious, or commercial organizations or institutions. CDA remains grateful to the co-founders and fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous for the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions which are the basis of our program.