On-Line Gamers Anonymous

People helping each other recover from problems resulting from excessive game playing. On-Line Gamers Anonymous® is a group of people sharing their experience, strengths and hope to help each other recover from problems resulting from excessive game playing.

Detailed Description

On-Line Gamers Anonymous® was founded by Liz Woolley in May of 2002 after her son, Shawn, committed suicide as a direct result of being addicted to an on-line game.  Liz was soon joined by Ron Jaffe (Diggo McDiggity), a recovering gamer.  They supported each other as the fellowship grew.

The OLGA® and OLG-Anon Recovery Fellowships and Outreach, are divisions of OLGA®/OLG-Anon (On-Line Gamers Anonymous®) World Services, Inc.. OLGA® and OLG-Anon Fellowships are dedicated to offering support to addicted gamers (OLGA), their families (OLG-Anon) so they can heal and recover from problems resulting from the newest “drug of choice” – excessive video game playing. Outreach is our public service division that assists in providing information to educate about the dangers of excessive game playing. The Outreach division assists in providing an extensive list of professional resources who provide services for those affected by excessive video gaming, video gaming addiction or a video gaming disorder. Outreach also helps raise funds to continue our mission.

The OLGA website has numerous tools available, including chat rooms, meeting lists for online and face-to-face meetings, forums, recommendations for professional help, and a YouTube channel with videos that document this phenomenon.